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Make a difference in the life of a child with special needs, create an inclusive community and improve yourself!

Types of special needs vary in severity. People with autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia, blindness, ADHD, or cystic fibrosis, for example, may be considered to have special needs. However, special needs can also include cleft lips, or missing limbs.

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How We Help

We work individually with each family to
understand their specific needs

Everyone can
make a difference


Si pudiera resumir este voluntariado en algunas palabras serían: Trabajo en equipo, empatía, creatividad y mucho compromiso. ¡Gracias UWP y Valero Perú por permitirme ser parte de esta gran experiencia!

Milene Núñez, Valero

Milene Núñez, Valero

Considero que lo que más resaltaría de las actividades es que unidos podemos lograr cosas increíbles. Mientras se tenga un objetivo en común y todos trabajemos por ello, todo es posible.

Daliana Rossi,  General Motors

Daliana Rossi, General Motors

Here you can find everything about raising a child with special needs, including school and medical programs.”

Cynthia Jones

Cynthia Jones

Education Packages

For children, teens and young adults

Kids Club

Our friends explore the range of emotions in a fun environment through dramatic acts and music, followed by an energetic dance class.
$150/ Annual fee

Sunday Class

At our Sunday Class every child enjoys a fun and stimulating program including music, art, baking, sports and a wide variety of games and activities.
$200/ Annual fee

Spring Camp

Friendship spring camps offer children, teens & young adults a chance to build true friendships with their one-on-one volunteers as well as their peers.
$250/ weekly fee

Our programs

Make a difference in the life of a
child with a need

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Our Staff

Meet our best and executive
management team

Alonso Morán

Voluntariado y Ayuda Humanitaria

José Amable

Asistente Administrativo

Carol Clarke

Recaudación de fondos

Nalda Loli


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We are a non-profit organization.
Our goal is to provide help

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